Making Mistakes and Straight Lines with Rulers

So have you ever made a mistake a quilt? Silly question, right? Of course you probably have……’s just a part of quilting. But have you have made a big mistake when everyone was watching?  Or even when it was being recorded? [...]

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Join Me for Build A Quilt: A New Block of the Month Experience

I can't believe that it have been almost 2 years since I opened my quilt shop. It has been quite the learning curve, but I am sure having fun trying to figure it all out. Although I have to admit that being [...]

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Busting My Stash on the Midnight Quilt Show

If there is one thing I know about quilters, it’s that we love fabric! We love touching it, folding it, and even collecting it. In this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show, I do a little “stash-busting” with a pattern that [...]

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Deciding What to Quilt – Showing Off Your Fabric

When it comes to deciding what quilting designs to use on your quilt, start by identifying the most important part of the quilt. It could be the pattern, the inspiration behind the quilt, or the recipient. But sometimes, it’s all about the fabric! [...]

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Carpenter’s Star Free Quilt Pattern – Midnight Quilt Show

Midnight Quilt Show Returns Finally….after weeks of waiting, a new season of the Midnight Quilt Show is here! This week’s episode includes a bunch of laughs (I hope), a free quilt pattern and quilting diagrams…..keep reading to find out more. Carpenter’s [...]

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Machine Quilting the Flower Meander – A Video Tutorial

Quilting the Flower Meander - A Video Tutorial Hey! You wouldn’t happen to want another machine quilting tutorial, would you? I sure hope so, because I just so happen to have one ready for you. In this video tutorial, I show [...]

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The Paisley Feather – A Video Machine Quilting Tutorial

Paisley Feather Machine Quilting Tutorial Who doesn’t love a beautiful feather? That’s rhetorical question, of course everyone loves feathers. Ok, maybe not everyone, but it seems that a lot of quilters love the look of them. But when it comes to [...]

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Machine Quilting Diamond Blocks – A Video Tutorial

Machine Quilting Diamond Block - Video Tutorial Don't you just love the amazing feeling that comes from finishing a quilt? There's nothing quite like it! My most recent quilt finish was for my friend, Julie Herman, the genius behind Jaybird Quilts. [...]

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Quilting A Tula Pink From Start to Finish (Video)

Want machine quilting inspiration, a free tutorial and an in-depth video that shows you how I quilted this amazing quilt for Tula Pink? If so, keep reading! Quilting A Quilt for Tula Pink So what do you do if amazing fabric [...]

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Free Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern and Giveaway!

Ready for a confession?? I hate paper piecing…..well, at least I did until recently. When brainstorming quilt patterns for episodes of the midnight quilt show, I decided that I should get over my long-standing fear. So I set out to design [...]

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The Midnight Quilt Show is Back….with free quilting diagrams!

Oh my goodness!! I am so freaking excited to show you the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show! Thanks to your support (as well as getting your quilty friends involved), Craftsy has agreed to produce several more episodes, including this [...]

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