Suggested Rulers for the Brand New Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along

Let's talk machine quilting rulers! Yesterday, I announced my newest Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along. Since then, there have been a ton of questions about what types of rulers to use. When I put together this challenge, I didn’t want to [...]

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Machine Quilting with Rulers – A New Free-Motion Challenge Quilting Along

Even though I have been quiet for the last few months, I have been busy working on some new things! One of them is the latest Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along: Machine Quilting with Rulers. In this free video series, I'll [...]

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How One Simple Shape Can Create Amazing Quilting Designs

Sometimes deciding what machine quilting designs to use on sampler quilt can be a little overwhelming. To make the process a little easier, I often turn to one of my “go-to” designs: the Dot to Dot “V”. It might look basic, [...]

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A Brand New Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along: Echoes & Curves

I can't believe that it's been almost 6 months since our last Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along! But, I'm finally back with a brand new Free-motion Challenge, Echoes & Curves. Throughout the six video series, we will be learning two contrasting designs [...]

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Join Me for A LIVE Machine Quilting Demo on YouTube – March 9th at 11am CT

Join Me for a LIVE Machine Quilting Demo on YouTube! Have you wanted to get a peek into my process as I machine quilt a quilt? Ever wish you could ask me questions as I quilt? Here's your chance! In this [...]

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Join Build A Quilt – Our Exclusive Block of the Month Program

Want to Build A Quilt With Me? Registration for Build A Quilt, our exclusive Block of the Month program only opens once a year. If you waited too long and missed out on signing up last year, now's your chance to [...]

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Help! How Do I Quilt It? – A Brand New Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along

Sometimes deciding what designs to use on a quilt can be more difficult that actually quilting them.  That’s why my newest Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along helps answer the question that plagues machine quilters everywhere, “How Do I Quilt It?” In this [...]

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A New Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along is Coming!

Last year, I started the first Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along, a series of free machine quilting videos, almost on a whim. I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in improving their free-motion quilting skills while quilting along with me [...]

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Are you ready for a Quilting Challenge? Plus a Facebook Live Q&A

Have you heard about my Free-motion Challenge Quilting Alongs? Think of it as spending time with me, your "quilting personal trainer", as I help you improve your free-motion quilting skills while working through a quilt. Each "challenge" is a video series [...]

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Scared of Machine Quilting with Rulers? Try Out My FREE Video Series!

I can remember the first time I tried machine quilting with a ruler......let's just say that it didn't turn out so good. But I was determined to figure it out and I am so glad that I did! Being comfortable with [...]

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Help! How Do I Quilt It? Quilting Tula Pink’s Bjorn Bear Quilt (Video Tutorial)

Help! How on earth should I quilt the Bjorn Bear quilt for Tula Pink? That's exactly what I was asking myself when Tula Pink gave me her Bjorn Bear quilt to machine quilt for pressure, right? Well, you can see just [...]

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How to Fix 3 Common Mistakes When Machine Quilting the Woodgrain Design

Have you tried machine quilting the woodgrain design only to realize that it didn’t look quite right? If so, congratulations! You’re completely normal! The woodgrain quilting design is perfect for adding texture to a quilt or even as a quick allover design. [...]

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Join Me for Build A Quilt: A New Block of the Month Experience

I can't believe that it have been almost 2 years since I opened my quilt shop. It has been quite the learning curve, but I am sure having fun trying to figure it all out. Although I have to admit that being [...]

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Deciding What to Quilt – Showing Off Your Fabric

When it comes to deciding what quilting designs to use on your quilt, start by identifying the most important part of the quilt. It could be the pattern, the inspiration behind the quilt, or the recipient. But sometimes, it’s all about the fabric! [...]

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