machine quilting with rulers

Let’s talk machine quilting rulers!

Yesterday, I announced my newest Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along. Since then, there have been a ton of questions about what types of rulers to use.

When I put together this challenge, I didn’t want to require specific rulers. That way, you could use any rulers that you already have and if you did need any rulers, you could purchase them from me.

Once the challenge starts, each week will focus on a different type of ruler. I’ll give tips on what to look for when selecting those kinds of rulers.

But if you want to purchase rulers beforehand, here are some things to consider

Week 1: Straight Edge Rulers

Any ruler with a straight edge will work. The Slim ruler is one of my favorites for sewing machines and longarms alike. But if you have a smaller sewing machine, the Shorty ruler is a great option.

Week 2: Wavy Rulers

Look for a ruler that has a repeating wave. In general, the shallower the wave, the easier it is to use. The Elvira ruler is a great wavy ruler that is nice and shallow. If you want more of a wave, the Squiggy ruler has a great curvy shape. Other wavy rulers that I like to use include the Wave E, the Wave F and the Wave C.   rulers by Handi Quilter.

Week 3: Arcs 

Think ovals with a point. With this section, we are going to learn motifs and curved echoing. The Achie ruler has a nice arc and it smaller, making it great for newer quilters, but for larger motifs, I love all of Handi Quilter’s Arc rulers, especially the Arc A and Arc B. 

Week 4: Cutout Rulers

Cutout rulers are a fun and easy way to make complex shapes. Any ruler with a cutout will work, just pick a shape that looks like fun! I will be using the Taj ruler, the Sid Ruler and the circles ruler.

Week 5: Points

Quilting around the pointy end of a ruler can be a little tricky, but I’ll help make it easier! Any ruler with a point will work. I will be using the Taj ruler, the Chevy ruler and the Handi Quilter Right Angle Ruler.

Week 6: Curves

We are going to master curves by learning clamshells and orange peels. The Shelly ruler and the Multi Clamshell ruler are great options, but any curved ruler will work. 

Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below. I can’t wait to get started!