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Are you ready for a Quilting Challenge? Plus a Facebook Live Q&A

Have you heard about my Free-motion Challenge Quilting Alongs? Think of it as spending time with me, your "quilting personal trainer", as I help you improve your free-motion quilting skills while working through a quilt. Each "challenge" is a video series [...]

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Scared of Machine Quilting with Rulers? Try Out My FREE Video Series!

I can remember the first time I tried machine quilting with a ruler......let's just say that it didn't turn out so good. But I was determined to figure it out and I am so glad that I did! Being comfortable with [...]

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Help! How Do I Quilt It? Quilting Tula Pink’s Bjorn Bear Quilt (Video Tutorial)

Help! How on earth should I quilt the Bjorn Bear quilt for Tula Pink? That's exactly what I was asking myself when Tula Pink gave me her Bjorn Bear quilt to machine quilt for her....no pressure, right? Well, you can see just [...]

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How to Fix 3 Common Mistakes When Machine Quilting the Woodgrain Design

Have you tried machine quilting the woodgrain design only to realize that it didn’t look quite right? If so, congratulations! You’re completely normal! The woodgrain quilting design is perfect for adding texture to a quilt or even as a quick allover design. [...]

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Machine Quilting the Flower Meander – A Video Tutorial

Quilting the Flower Meander - A Video Tutorial Hey! You wouldn’t happen to want another machine quilting tutorial, would you? I sure hope so, because I just so happen to have one ready for you. In this video tutorial, I show [...]

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The Paisley Feather – A Video Machine Quilting Tutorial

Paisley Feather Machine Quilting Tutorial Who doesn’t love a beautiful feather? That’s rhetorical question, of course everyone loves feathers. Ok, maybe not everyone, but it seems that a lot of quilters love the look of them. But when it comes to [...]

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Four Things I Have Learned From Quilting Tula Pink’s Quilts

I love quilting for all my customers, but there is just something different about quilting for Tula Pink. Quilting her quilts have made me grow so much as a machine quilting and as an artist in general. The masterpieces that she [...]

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Mighty Lucky

Have you heard of the Mighty Lucky Club? Every month you get a quilting challenge from an instructor that focuses on a different aspect of the quilting process. It's like a personal trainer for your quilting! Except that you aren't sore [...]

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