I can remember the first time I tried machine quilting with a ruler……let’s just say that it didn’t turn out so good. But I was determined to figure it out and I am so glad that I did! Being comfortable with using rulers has added a lot more designs to my machine quilting arsenal.

Now that I have designed rulers with Creative Grids, I want to help you become as comfortable with them as I am! That’s why I started a FREE video series on my YouTube channel called “Learn How to Master Rulers”.

master machine quilting with rulers

In this video series (did I mention that it’s free?!?), we are going to work through a whole quilt using my brand new rulers, Taj, Elvira and Chevy. 

Together, we’ll learn how to create motifs, border designs, all-over designs and more. We have just started and we have already learned so many fun things!

In each lesson I break down the designs and make them easy to understand. Then I demonstrate how to quilt them on a sewing machine AND a longarm.

Border Designs

In the first lesson we learned how to quilt an overlapping leaf border with the Taj Ruler.

Modern Backgrounds

In the second video, we used Chevy to create a fun, modern background filler.

Wavy Lines with Elvira

Then we got a little curvy with the Elvira ruler in the third lesson, learning how to fill in irregularly shaped background areas quickly and easily!

Quilting Motifs

In the most recent lessons, we have been learning how to make motifs with Chevy and Taj.

And there’s even more lessons to come!

Join the Fun!

It’s not to late to join in the fun! If you have been too scared to try machine quilting with rulers or are looking for some interesting designs to add to your quilting skills, then this is for you.

If you’d like, you can quilt along with me on the same quilt, I’ve even put together a coordinating thread collection to make your quilting really shine!

Checkered Stars quilt pattern designed by Angela Walters

Class Resources

In addition to the videos, each lesson has a downloadable PDF with quilting diagrams and tips.

FREE quilting diagrams + tip sheet→http://bit.ly/motifchevy

Get the rulers, quilt kit + other supplies here

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Your Turn

What do you think? Does the thought of machine quilting with rulers scare you or do you love them as much as I do! Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Quilting!