Even though I have been quilting for customers for well over a decade, I still get scared sometimes. Usually, when a quilt seems daunting, I reassure myself that if the worst case scenario happens, I could always remake the whole quilt. (Although I never have had to do that). But recently a quilt came my way that was definitely unreplaceable…..

If you were at Quilt Festival, you may have seen this amazing quilt hand pieced by Tula Pink

To say that I was scared is an understatement…….surely you would be too!

This quilt was several years in the making. In fact, a few years ago, Tula showed me the first few blocks. Even though she said that I would be quilting it, I didn’t actually think she would finish it…..so I wasn’t too worried. Then, about a year ago, she showed me her progress…..half of it finished. I started to get a little nervous. Fast forward to about 4 months ago, she actually finished it AND she was ready for me to quilt it……GULP. This quilt was huge, and impeccably hand pieced…….I was so scared. Geez….what if I messed it up?


I have heard the best way to handle a fear is to face it head on…..so I loaded that quilt, said a prayer and got started.

When Tula and I discussed it, she told me that she wanted the quilting to highlight her fussy cutting as well as the stars that surround all the blocks. I always love how she points me in a direction and then lets me go for it.

So, without further ado, here is a play-by-play progression of her quilt…..

machine quilting english paper piecing

I sent this picture to Tula with the caption, “Here I go, I am freaking out!” (Note the headphones on the quilt…my secret to great quilting is listening to audio books or loud music!)

As I worked through the quilt, I snapped some pictures……

straight line quilting in border

Tula wanted the quilting in border to not distract from the piecing, so we decided on straight lines. I am loving how this is turning out…..

machine quilting with a longarm

Another text to Tula, “45 hours in and I am almost done!”

When finished…..almost 50 hours of quilting later, I finally got to see the finished result. To my huge relief……it looked great. Thankfully, when I showed it to Tula, she agreed. In fact, she may have had a glitter of a tear in her eye….


Honestly, once I got started, I wasn’t nearly as scared as I thought I would be. All I had to do was follow the lines that Tula pieced for me.


I used the straight lines to emphasize the patterns in the piecing.


It felt like there was someone always watching me………..


Tula did an amazing job fussy cutting every….single….piece of this quilt. Simply amazing!


So the moral of this story is……even if you are scared, just get started! Chances are, you will be glad to have it done!

How about you? Have you ever had a quilt that gave you nightmares? How did it turn out?

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In other news

I have been up to something fun! Check out Craftsy’s website to see my newest project….I couldn’t be more excited if I tried!!


Happy Quilting!