Quilting the Flower Meander – A Video Tutorial

Hey! You wouldn’t happen to want another machine quilting tutorial, would you? I sure hope so, because I just so happen to have one ready for you.

Flower Meander video tutorial

In this video tutorial, I show you how to machine quilt the Flower Meander. This design is featured in my very first book, Free-motion Quilting with Angela Walters. It was one of my favorites then and it still is now.

About the Flower Meander

This is a great design to use when you want to add texture to your quilt. The individual flowers aren’t noticeable once the whole quilt is finished, all you can see is the overall design. This makes it a great design for newer quilters.

flower meander tutorial

But even though this design is easy to quilt, it’s can have a lot of impact. I have used it in several different ways in several different quilts. I have definitely gotten a lot of quilting mileage out of this design!

Fun facts about this design:

Before I share the link to the tutorial, here are a few fun facts about the flower meander.

I first quilted this for a book by my friend, Jacquie Gering.

flower meander machine quilting tutorial

When quilting her quilt Lilac Crush, she requested a feminine design that wasn’t feathery or swirly. After a few sketches, we settled on this flower meander. I was so nervous quilting this quilt since it was for a book. Thank goodness it turned out great!

Bigger flowers are even better.

Even though I show you how to quilt the flower in an overall meander, it also looks great quilted on a much bigger scale.

flower meander quilting example

On this quilt, I quilted one gigantic flower starting in the center. I would like to say that it was quick and easy. But it definitely wasn’t quick! I did it on my longarm, which meant that there was a lot of advancing back and forth. If I ever do this again, I will definitely quilt it on my sewing machine.

It can be a very centered design.

I love how it looks in the center of blocks, but it also looks really nice in the center of a quilt.

flower meander quilting design

Even though I went feather-crazy quilting this quilt, I opted for a simple flower in the center of the quilt. Like a single bloom in a vase, it’s so beautiful in it’s simplicity. Remember, quilting doesn’t need to be complex to be impactful!

It’s a booty-shaker kind of design.

When I teach this design in classes, I call it the booty-shaker. Why? Because when quilting this on a longarm, it helps to get your whole body into the momentum. Except when I quilt it, I tend to wiggle my whole body. No, I won’t share a video of it, it’s just plain scary to watch.

Downloadable PDF

I have put together a tip sheet for quilting the flower meander. It’s available as a free PDF download, which you can get by clicking here. Feel free to quilt it out and keep it close by while working on this design.

downloadable pdf quilting the flower meander

Your Turn

Alrighty, are you ready to learn how to quilt the Flower Meander? Here’s a link to the video tutorial which shows you how easy it is to quilt.

Please let me know what you think about the video or if you have any questions. You can do that by leaving them in the comments.

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Happy Quilting!