Machine Quilting Diamond Block – Video Tutorial

machine quilting video tutorial

Don’t you just love the amazing feeling that comes from finishing a quilt? There’s nothing quite like it! My most recent quilt finish was for my friend, Julie Herman, the genius behind Jaybird Quilts.

Boomerang Quilt By Julie Herman

I have quilted many, many quilts for Julie…..while I love the shapes and layouts of her quilts, sometimes it’s hard deciding just how I should quilt them. That’s especially the case when I quilt the same quilt pattern several times. In general, I try to avoid quilting the same quilt pattern the same way twice….I mean, where’s the fun in that?

Instead of viewing it as a problem. I like to treat it as a challenge. Doing this really forces me to come up with fun and creative quilting designs…which helps prevent getting stuck in a quilting rut!
This quilt was made with her Boomerang quilt pattern, which I had already quilted a couple of times before. So I knew that it was going to be fun to work on.

Here’s a close up of quilting done on one of her previous Boomerang quilt patterns.

Photo by Julie Herman

Selecting Quilting Designs

This quilt was not just any regular quilt though. It was made with some of her favorite Tula Pink fabrics. So I knew that the quilting designs would have to enhance the intricate quilt pattern AND the fabric prints. No pressure, right?

For the smallest diamonds, I quilted a continuous curve variation that resembles a flower.

It’s one of those go-to designs that I find myself using often, especially when I need something pretty, but not too complicated. Going with a more complex design could overwhelm the fabric….which is really what I didn’t want to happen.

With that selected, I moved onto the next part of the block.

Since I was already using a floral-like design, I kept with the same theme by quilting a curvy motif.

floral quilting motif

I love how motifs can really fill in and highlight a quilt block….plus I think they are so pretty. Which, let’s be honest, it’s so much easier to quilt a design when you like how it looks!

The great thing about motifs is that once you get the hang of how to quilt it, it’s easy to come up with some fun variations. It not only adds interest to the quilt, it can keep you from getting bored. (Always a good thing when you’re quilting!)

It looks especially nice with paisleys instead of serpentine lines.

paisley feather motif

Or who can resist a classic feather……it’s just so elegant.

Selecting the thread

You might be thinking….

“But, Angela, won’t all those designs be too busy on the quilt?”

My answer would be, “not if you use the right thread”

Superior so fine thread for machine quilting

A 50 wt thread, such as Superior So Fine, helps the quilting blend into the quilt and keeps it visible, yet subtle. Even though this quilt had some many different colors of fabric, I went with a light green thread that worked on all the different colors of fabric.

Since it’s a thinner thread, it looks great even colors like orange and pink.

superior so fine thread

Video Tutorial

Want to see how the designs came together?

I knew that this quilt would be something I would want you to see, so I recorded a video tutorial that shows the quilting from start to finish. In it I share how I quilted the designs (including variations), show you how to use rulers for curved lines and it includes a surprise visit from my mom. (who wasn’t exactly thrilled about it).

Check it out here:

Thank so much for reading the blog and watching my videos, I can’t tell you how much the support means to me!