Squiggy Machine Quilting Ruler


Squiggy is your go-to ruler for machine quilting serpentine lines and wavy designs. Squiggy is compatible with high shank sewing machines and longarms.


The serpentine line is a curvy design that’s perfect for quilt borders and sashings. It adds beautiful texture and depth to your quilts, but can be difficult to free-motion quilt.

Squiggy is versatile, allowing you to quilt serpentine lines in 2in and 3in borders as well as quilting them from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right or right to left. Now you don’t have to spend months trying to learn the design, you can get right to quilting them in your quilts!

Squiggy Features:

  • Creative Grids grip helps prevent your ruler from slipping.-
  • Black and White dashed guide lines which are visible on all fabric colors.
  • Double sided to allow you to quilt multiple size borders with the same ruler
  • Seam guides helps keep your design straight.
  • Stopping points for a continuous quilting design.
  • High grade, 1/4in thick acrylic making it perfect for high shank sewing machines and longarm quilting machines.

Check out these free downloadable PDFS that will show you how to use the Squiggy ruler:

Additional information

Weight3.1 oz
Dimensions8 × 8 × .5 in


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