A Quilt Worthy of A Hero

I know a real hero, not a celebrity…..not a successful person, a real life hero. My brother, Nate is a hero in the truest sense of the word. If you are friends with me on facebook or instagram,  you may have seen that Nate was critically injured in a motorcycle accident last week. He is a loving husband, father of three young boys, a Kansas City Police Officer, a veteran and probably one of the funniest guys you would ever meet. He is in ICU battling life-threatening injuries. To say that this has been a hard week for our family would be an understatement.

nate 2

But in the midst of the darkest week of our lives, we have been surrounded and overwhelmed with love and prayers from all around. It has sustained us as we have gathered around him.

Nate isn’t just my brother, he is a part of this quilting community as well. His wife, Jessica, who is my sister, has worked for me for several years handling travel and coordinating events. If I have been to your guild or quilting group, it’s because Jessica has helped coordinate it.

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Nate and Jessica just debuted their new quilt pattern company, Simply Modern Quilt Patterns at quilt market in October. If you were at their schoolhouse, chances are you were moved to tears as Nate shared a quilt that he made to support the Kansas City Police force.


To protect his privacy and members of his family, I am not going to go into specifics of his condition.  He is in a drug induced coma and making baby steps in the right direction. Please pray that he will continue fighting to come back to us.

If I know one thing, it is that quilters are some of the most generous people I know. As you can imagine, this is not only an emotionally stressing time, but a financially stressing time as well. To help take a little of the pressure off of Jessica and Nate, I am raffling off one of my quilts. But it’s not just any quilt, it’s the quilt on the cover of my newest book.


Night Sky Quilt Pattern By Jaybird Quilts

If you would like to help, or just want to get your hands on the quilt. All you have to do is buy this bracelet.

For $5 you get a bracelet that shows you stand with Nate as well as a chance to win the quilt.  In three weeks, we will pick a name out and that lucky person will get it! Our prayers are that Nate will be well enough to draw the name himself!

To purchase the bracelet, simply go to my online store. Every bracelet is an entry to win the quilt. (All proceeds will go to Nate and Jessica). Use the promo code HERO to get free shipping.

Other Ways to Help

If you don’t want a quilt or a bracelet, you can donate money to the family directly by clicking here.

Or you can buy a We Stand With Nate T-shirt. Again, all proceeds go directly to the family.


But no matter what you do, please pray for our family. We know that all things are possible to him who believes.

Hug your family close!