Quilting Is My Therapy Preview Party

Oh my gosh…..time flies when you are running around like a crazy person trying to get everything finished in time. Last time I blogged, we were gearing up for the Preview Party….which happened a couple of weeks ago. Now, I can report that it was a smashing success!

There is nothing quite like throwing a party and hoping that people show up. Especially when it turned out that the Kansas City Royals had a play off game at the same time. Thankfully, people showed up! We were stunned by the turnout and the amazing people who stopped by to cheer us on.

The QIMT crew getting ready to open the doors.

The QIMT crew getting ready to open the doors.

The first 50 people received a swag bag full of goodies! (A huge thanks to the companies that donated prizes!!)



Once the doors opened, the fun really began! I got to see quilters that I have known forever as well as meet new quilting friends.

quilting is my therapy shop

We even had some quilting celebrities drop by to show their support.

Tula Pink and Jenny Doan

Tula Pink and Jenny Doan

Tula Pink and Jenny Doan, from Missouri Star Quilt Company, both happened to drop by at the same time.  It was so sweet of them both to take the time to visit. (On a side note, we are located just 45 minutes from Missouri Star Quilt Co….talk about having a good neighbor!)

I was excited to show everyone what Quilting Is My Therapy is all about since it’s going to serve many purposes. Besides housing my personal studio, we are a Handi Quilter dealer and a quilt shop.

local quilt shop

Fabric, notions, machine quilting supplies and quilty gifts are all available for the quilting addicted.


In addition to the retail shop, my goal is to have the shop serve as an education center. I love traveling and teaching, but to be able to host classes and retreats in my own shop is a dream come true! From basic piecing classes to machine quilting classes, from large retreats to private lessons…..we hope to appeal to quilters of all kinds!

Here are a few of the classes that are going on this month:

"How Do I Quilt It" Lecture

“How Do I Quilt It” Lecture

A Date with Your Sewing Machine

A Date with Your Sewing Machine

angela walters quilting class

Scrollburst Class

If you don’t see a class that you like, contact us with your suggestion or, even better, book a private lesson! I know that most of you reading this don’t live in the Liberty/Kansas City area, but if you do or know someone who does, I hope you will consider joining us for a class. Visit the online shop to register for classes.

A Sale and A Giveaway!

If you weren’t able to make it to the preview party, we are still celebrating on our online store. Any orders over $25 will get a free Quilting Is My Therapy tote bag (No code needed) and free domestic shipping on orders over $50.

swag bag


We are also celebrating with a giveaway! I saved a goody swag from the party to give to a lucky winner. Just leave a comment on this post telling me what your dream quilting class would be about. I will pick a lucky winner on Friday!

Here’s hoping that your quilting dreams come as true as mine have, Happy Quilting!