I have had the pleasure of quilting three different Butterfly quilts for Tula Pink and in my most recent live chat, I got to share what I learned!

Watch the live chat below:

During Tula Pink’s latest Tuesday Talk with Tula, she shared the quilting I had done on her latest butterfly quilt as well as her design inspiration.

I had forgotten to take a full shot of the quilt before I was finished, so be sure to check out her chat to see the whole thing!

While the pattern isn’t out quite yet, her stunning quilt features prints from her True Colors fabric collection.

Burrterfly #1

The first Butterfly quilt I machine quilted for her was back in 2013!  In the chat, I discuss how I wanted the feathers to subtly look like antenna while using a dense filler to make them pop!

However, in the blocks, I kept the quilting a little more simple as to not overwhelm the gorgeous fabrics. I mostly used echoing and dot to dot designs since they can be used in a number of differently sized blocks.

tula pink butterfly quilt
machine quilting feathers
machine quilting sampler quilts

Butterfly #2

When I quilted the second butterfly quilt for her a few years later, I decided to try a different route. Instead of large feathers, I opted to quilt bracket around the outside of the butterfly. I wanted the curvy, yet pointy, design to soften the edges of the butterfly. I also incorporated swirls chains and different fillers to break up the large areas of negative space.

Be sure to check out the live chat video above! I show in progress pictures of quilting this quilt.

tula pink butterfly quilt
machine quilting negative space

Butterfly #3

While I was happy with how the second butterfly quilt turned out, I knew that if I got the chance to quilt another one, I would return to the feathers.

Finally, I got my chance! When Tula Pink gave me the most recent quilt featuring her True Colors fabric collection, I knew that I wanted to recreate the feathers in the first butterfly quilt, just in a different way.

In the live chat video, I share how they are slightly different that than the feathers in the first quilt and talk about how I went about quilting them.

tula pinks butterfly quilt
machine quilting feathers

Your Turn!

What do you think? Which butterfly quilt do you think turned out the best? Let me know if the comment section.

Happy Quilting!