Dot to Dot Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along Week 1

Week 1 Dot to Dot Quilting Tutorial – Dot to Dot Basics

Welcome to the first video in the Dot to Dot Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along video series. Are you excited to go on a FMQ journey with me? Throughout the next five videos, I’ll show you just how fun and easy it is to create intricate-looking designs.  In this week’s video tutorial, I’ll show you two designs that feature the two basic shapes that make up every dot to dot quilting design. First up, we learn the Diamond design that features the  “V” shape. Then, I show you how fun it is to quilt the Starburst design with features the “wedge” shape. Not only do I break the designs down, step by step, I share troubleshooting hints and tips to help ensure you love quilting these designs as much as I do!

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