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Join Me for A New Video Series

Quilt along with me, Angela Walters, in this free video series as I show you just how fun free-motion quilting can be!

In the newest Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along, we’ll master Dot to Dot quilting together. I’ll show you how easy it is, plus I’ll demonstrate the designs on a sewing machine and a longarm quilting machine. Keep reading to learn more!

What is “Dot-to-Dot” Quilting?

Dot to Dot quilting  uses reference points, or “dots”, on quilts to create intricate looking designs, quickly and easily. These versatile designs look great on all types of quilts and in block of all different sizes. Plus, they are fun to customize and they give your quilting an intricate look.

In this video series, I’ll show you how to create several different designs and give you tips and suggestions on where to actually use them on your quilts. Whether you are a brand new machine quilter looking to improve your skills, or just looking for design inspiration, this free video series is for you!

Join the Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along

Participating in the Dot to Dot Free-motion Challenge is not only easy, it’s free!

Gather your Supplies

Shop from the optional Free-motion Challenge Quilting products below.

Watch & Learn

Starting January 2nd, watch the weekly video tutorials, then try quilting the featured designs. Be sure to download the free quilting diagrams for even more help with the designs.


Join my weekly live chats to ask questions and get additional pointers. Then, join our Facebook group where you can share pictures of your work and cheer on other quilters.

Exclusive Products

While not required to participate in the free-motion challenge quilting along, these exclusive products are perfect for getting the most out of the Dot to Dot Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along.

Quilt along with me on the Dot to Dot panel designed exclusively for the free video series. 

Available in Two Sizes

Expanded Resource PDFS

Get even more quilting diagrams, tips and photos with the downloadable expanded resource PDF available for each of the first 4 videos in the series. Perfect if you need a little more help with the designs or for quilting inspiration.

Coordinating Fabrics

Customize your quilt panel or create your own quilt with these coordinating prints.

About the Dot to Dot Free-motion Challenge

The “dot to dot” quilting technique actually came about due to a customer’s request for a geometric flower design all the way back in 2011. It not only looked great, it was actually pretty easy to quilt as well. Over the years, I have refined the technique by teaching classes and creating videos, and I am excited to share it with you in this free machine quilting video series. During the series, you’ll:

  • Learn how to create intricate Dot to Dot designs, with minimal marking.
  • Get access to free quilting diagrams and tip sheets.
  • Discover how to create your own Dot to Dot design variations.
  • Watch as I demonstrate the designs on a sewing machine and a longarm quilting machine.

I’ll also share common troubleshooting suggestions, quilting tips as well as advice on where to use the designs on your quilts.

No matter where you are on your machine quilting journey, this class is for you!


Do I have to pay to participate in the Free-motion Challenge Quilting along?2023-07-11T19:41:03-05:00

Definitely not! The tutorial videos and quilting diagrams are always free. If you like, you can purchase the exclusive products and supplies that go with each challenge, but it’s not required to participate.

Do I have to quilt along with you right now?2023-07-11T19:41:57-05:00

I know that life can be busy, and that it can get in the way of quilting time. Even if you can’t participate in the challenge right now, the videos will be available on our website indefinitely. That way, you can work through them at your convenience.

Where do I find the free quilting diagrams for each lesson?2020-08-28T13:09:37-05:00

A printable tip sheet with quilting diagrams is a great tool to help you master these designs. It’s for that reason that I put them together for each of the videos. You can find the link to each videos diagrams in several places, including the description on the YouTube video, on my website, or you can get them emailed to you directly by signing up for the Free-motion Challenge Quilting along email newsletter. Click here to sign up!

Will you be demonstrating the designs on a sewing machine?2020-08-28T13:09:20-05:00

All of the machine quilting designs in the Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along videos will be demonstrated on a sewing machine. Some of them will also be demonstrated on a longarm. But rest assured, no matter what type of machine you have, you will be able to quilt these designs!

Where can I find the videos for the Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along?2020-08-28T13:12:02-05:00

Once the challenge starts, the videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel. If you are a subscriber to my YouTube Channel, you will be notified as soon as it’s live. You can also find links to the videos and quilting diagrams by going to



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