This week, I received the sweetest gift from Julie, a quilt of my very own!

I had quilted this quilt for her for her booth at Spring market last year. It is her Hugs and Kisses pattern and was my favorite one of the bunch! It’s such a sweet gift because I don’t have a lot of quilts of my own…..I am too busy quilting other people’s quilt. (I am definitely not complaining though!!)

Seeing this quilt reminded me of the conversation I had with it when it was a still just a quilt top. Do you ever talk to your quilts? I do, I hope that doesn’t make me a crazy person!

The first thing the quilt told me was to quilt it with straight lines….

Normally when a quilt tells me how to quilt it, I don’t argue (talking to a quilt doesn’t make you crazy, arguing with it does!). But, here’s the deal, for the most part I don’t like quilting straight lines. I love swirly, feathery, quilt-it-until-it’s-flat kind of quilting….but the quilt was persistent. The fabric with it’s texture and color, would look good with straight lines….

So I did it…I quilted the whole thing with nary a swirl in sight….sigh. Once it was finished I sent it back to Julie.

But now it has come to live with me! My very own couch quilt…I won’t be sharing this with the kids or anyone else for that matter…

But, maybe some night, when everyone is asleep….I may go load it back on the machine and put some feathers on it, just for fun!!

Thanks Julie!!!

Also, don’t forget to let me know if you have any quilts that you would like me to feature in my “Deciding what to quilt” series. I am working on next weeks post, and it’s going to be about figuring out how to quilt quilts with a lot of small pieces. Should be interesting!!

Happy Quilting