I have to admit that I have a bit of a sweet tooth! But since I am trying to eat healthy, I am limiting my sweets to fabric only. It’s a good think that this quilt has the sweetest name, Milky Way….

This quilt pattern was designed by Monique Dillard, who just might be a genius. I love the color placement on this quilt!

milky way midnight quilt show

Milky Way Quilt pattern designed by Monique Dillard.

Ok, so it may be that I am just so completely sugar-deprived (except for wine….I can’t give that up!) but this Lily and Loom fabric collection is just as sweet as cotton candy!

Lily and loom fabric collection

Lily and Loom fabric collection from Boundless Fabrics

But my major dilemma wasn’t whether to cut into this gorgeous fabric. My biggest decision didn’t come until I had to decide what kind of thread to use.

Which Thread to Use?

Shiny thread…..what’s not to love?!?

When it comes to machine quilting, I spend waaaay more time picking out a thread color than I do picking fabric. (I guess I am just weird that way!) Once the quilt top was done, I couldn’t decide whether I should use a thread color that blends into the top…..or whether I should use a shiny gold thread.

A light yellow thread blends in with most fabric colors.

As much as I pretended to deliberate between threads in the video, it was actually a no-brainer. I decided to use both of them!!

What can I say?? Why choose when I don’t have to!

continuous curve quilting

So why shiny thread? Here’s the deal, for the most part, I like to use a thread color that blends into the quilt top. A 50 wt thread (whether in cotton or poly) helps hide a multitude of machine quilting sins.

But every once in awhile, a shiny thread really helps the quilting show up, especially when quilting busier fabrics. I love how this gold Glide thread provides just the right amount of sheen. And since it’s a polyester thread, there’s no lint.

Plus who doesn’t love just a little bling on their quilts?

machine quilting thread poly or cotton

Just a little bling to help the quilting show up!

Free Quilting Diagrams

Of course, if you want to try quilting the feather meander or the Swirl filler, I have put together FREE quilting diagrams…..seriously, what’s better than free?!?

Free machine quilting diagrams feather meander

Free Quilting Diagrams

The Milky Way Quilt

Enough about threads and cute fabrics….here’s the free video!

(PS. Please be nice in the comments….I can’t help it if I think I am hilarious!!)

Your Turn

What about you? What’s your “go-to” thread when you are quilting your quilts?

Happy Quilting!!