Making Mistakes and Straight Lines with Rulers

So have you ever made a mistake a quilt? Silly question, right? Of course you probably have……’s just a part of quilting. But have you have made a big mistake when everyone was watching?  Or even when it was being recorded? [...]

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Busting My Stash on the Midnight Quilt Show

If there is one thing I know about quilters, it’s that we love fabric! We love touching it, folding it, and even collecting it. In this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show, I do a little “stash-busting” with a pattern that [...]

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Carpenter’s Star Free Quilt Pattern – Midnight Quilt Show

Midnight Quilt Show Returns Finally….after weeks of waiting, a new season of the Midnight Quilt Show is here! This week’s episode includes a bunch of laughs (I hope), a free quilt pattern and quilting diagrams…..keep reading to find out more. Carpenter’s [...]

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