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    Tapestry Sunset

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    Designed by Angela Walters for the Westward Fabric collection, coordinating prints for the Fillers Free Motion Challenge Quilting Along. Fabric is printed in the US, 42" wide, 100% cotton. Sold in 1 yd increments, multiple yards will be cut continuously.
  • A 40 wt thread with a beautiful sheen.

    Available in 1000m spool COLOR #90278 Tar Heel
  • A 40 wt thread with a beautiful sheen.  
  • From the Fleck fabric collection designed by Angela Walters, exclusively for Quilting Is My Therapy. This collection features a textured dot print in a rainbow of colors. Multiple yards will be cut continuously 100% cotton, 42"/44" wide, printed in the US.
  • Teal Glide Thread

    A 40wt thread with just a bit of sheen. Two sizes available: 1000m Spool 5000m Cone COLOR #60323 Teal
  • Make your own templates. No slip and easy to cut into your template shape. Use a pen or pencil to write on the plastic. 2 sheets - 8 1/2" x 11"
  • It pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs. It makes its own uses. Every quilter/crafter/seamstress needs one!
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    The 60 Degree Triangle Tool

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    The 60 Degree Triangle Tool is usually used with an ombre fabric to get all the colors of the ombre into a 60 degree triangle. There are other uses for the 60 degree Triangle Tool. Patterns are suggested for use with the tool.
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    The 90 Degree Triangle Tool

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    The 90 Degree Triangle Tool is designed to work with Ombre fabrics. The tool aids in cutting the ombre into gradient pieces to assemble 90 triangles.  
  • The Binding Tool is a must have tool for every quilter. Use it to make the ends of your binding match everytime....or use it to make a braided quilt block. For binding: When you finish the last seam of the binding only an angled seam will work to reduce the bulk of this last step. Two cuts and two measurements and you're on you way to a great finish. This tool makes a perfect ending every time. 2-1/2in x 8in For piecing: See me use it in this episode of the Midnight Quilt Show to make a braided star quilt.
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    The Free-Motion Quilting Workbook

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  • You don't to experience ruler slippage any more!

    The Gypsy Gripper is designed with two suction cups that attach to any smooth ruler surface. The Gripper ensures that even pressure is applied to the cutting surface so you can relax and rest your hand comfortably over the handle. Since no death grip is required, this tool is recommended for anyone with hand issues such as arthritis and carpel tunnel. Your hand is always away from the rotary cutter so your fingers are out of harm’s way, making this a must have for any new or young quilter! Note: The ruler must be at least 4 inches wide and 12 ½ inches long - excluding the hang hole - to be effective.


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