Quilting Swirls on the Midnight Quilt Show

Have you been wanting to learn how to machine quilt the Swirl Hook design? Learn that, and more, during this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show.

surfers point midnight quilt show angela walters

Surfer’s Point

Hey, ya’ll! It’s that magical time of the week when the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show is released. In this episode, I am working on the beautiful Surfer’s Point quilt.

surfer point feathered star quilt

This quilt was designed by the amazingly talented Edyta Sitar using the Boundless Batiks fabrics. If they look familiar, it because I used the same fabrics in different colors in the episode featuring the Scrappy Stars quilt. (You can get the free quilt pattern here)

While it might look intimidating, the Surfer’s Point quilt is actually easier to piece that it looks. I even conquered my fears of partial seams! And even though the blocks have a lot of little pieces, they are nice and big!

angela walters midnight quilt show

You know I just love big quilt blocks that go together quickly! I’ll share the link to the video in just a bit, but let’s talk about my favorite part…..the machine quilting.

Quilting the Surfer’s Point Quilt

As soon as I started this quilt, I knew that I would be quilting it with Swirl Hook meander. It’s the my “go to” design for pointy quilts.  The hooks can extend right into those tight areas and allowing me to fill in the whole area consistently.

swirl hook machine quilting design

I think that the Swirl Hook would be a more popular quilting design, if it weren’t for the fact that some people find the hook a little tricky to quilt. But it really is easy once you get the hang of it! I like to use it as an allover, but it’s also great to use in the borders or sashings of your quilts.

quilting swirls in borders and sashing

If you have tried the design and become frustrated, here are a few tips to get your swirling away on your quilts.


Tips For Quilting the Swirl Hook

tips for machine quilting the swirl hook design

Watch out for gaps.

The hooked part of the swirl is what allows you to quilt point spaces, but it can also result in gaps which can be a pain to go back and fill in. When quilting the hook of the swirl, try to keep it close to another swirl. This will help make sure that you don’t get any gaps between the swirls.

swirl hooks machine quilting meanders

Keep the spacing consistent

When it comes to any meandering design, keeping the spacing between the lines consistent is the key to getting a nice allover texture. It doesn’t matter if you machine quilt the lines closer together or further apart, just be sure to keep them the same. This will help hide any mistakes.

Draw, draw, draw….then quilt.

If you are having trouble figuring out the design, try drawing it beforehand. That will help your brain learn how the design flows together. You might thinking, ‘that’s all well and good, but if I can’t quilt it how am I supposed to draw it?” Well it just so turns out that the free quilting diagrams for this episode of the Midnight Quilt Show features the Swirl Hook design! Just print it out and practice drawing over the lines. Once you know how to how the design flows you can practice quilting it!

free quilting diagrams for the surfers point quilt

For more resources on the Swirl Hook design, you can check out this video tutorial. The Swirl Hook is also featured in my soon-to-be released book, “Free-motion Meandering”. (Eek! More details about that in a future blog post.)

Switching it Up!

Even though I quilted the swirl hook meaner over most of the quilt, I decided to quilt something a little different in the center.

I could tell you it was for an artistic reason, but really it was because I was getting bored and wanted to switch up the quilting a bit.

A little geometric dot to dot quilting is the perfect contrast to the swirls. I also love how it draws your eye to the center of the quilt. This especially helps cover up any……um…..not perfectly pieced blocks. Don’t worry, the center quilting design is also in the free quilting diagrams!

Your Turn:

Ok, ok enough blabbing on and on, without further ado here is the newest episode:

If you like the video, I hope you will “like” it on YouTube and leave a comment! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support. Happy quilting!