So I am a little late with this blog post because the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show came out last week. But, hey….better late than never. This episode features one of the largest quilts that I’ve ever made…..and it also has the most half square triangles I have ever seen in one place.

It’s the Color Crystals quilt and while I am pretty sure it will be awhile before I make a quilt with this many half square triangles, I couldn’t be more in love with the end result.

midnight quilt show ombre quilt fabric

It features ombre fabrics which results in variations that are just beautiful to look at!

I joke around about having my kids help me with my quilts….but even my youngest likes to get in on the quilting action. She helped me cut all chain pieced blocks apart…..I think she even enjoyed it!

Man that’s a large pile of blocks, I get tired just looking at them!

Before I share the episode however, I asked for viewers for tips on how they handle quilting large quilts on a sewing machine. And they came through with some great suggestions….here are a few of my favorites:

Kate Stone said:

When I’m quilting on my home machine I start in the center and roll the side of the fabric under the machine into a log so it’s not in the way. I then work outward and unroll as I go. Then I rotate the entire quilt 180 degrees and do the exact same thing on the opposite half of the quilt.

Didash55 suggested:

When I quilt a king size quilt on my domestic machine, I split the batting…usually into 3 sections….not as much fabric shoved into the throat!  I use fusible batting tape to put the batting sections together when I’m ready to quilt the next section.

Clara Lawrence uses her supreme sliders to make things easier:

Quilting a large quilt on a domestic, I will put several supreme sliders (overlapping slightly) on my table around the throat. This helps with the gliding. I just now had a thought about wrapping one around a pool noodle and attaching to the edge of the table right in front of the machine so it doesn’t drag on that edge so much.

But no matter how you go about quilting your quilt, just remember that a finished quilt is always better than a perfect quilt top!

Now for your viewing pleasure:

Even if you don’t want to make a trillion half square triangle blocks like I did, you can still get my free quilting diagrams to help you on a future quilt. Besides, who doesn’t like free??


It just so happens that I saved a yard of the most beautiful teal ombre fabric…..and I am giving it to one lucky reader! Just leave a comment on this post with suggestions for what kind of quilts you would like to see in future episodes? (I will notify a lucky winner via email on Monday)

Happy Quilting!