Blessed Beyond Measure Thimble Blossoms Panel


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Designed by Stacy West. Panel measures 36 x 43.

10 in stock

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Blessed Beyond Measure designed by Stacy West, is a curated collection inspired by growing up with three generations of handwork and sewing enthusiast women. It features a vintage sewing machine that my great grandmother, Lily, taught me to sew on and one that I inherited once my mother Linda, passed away. I built the collection around memories of playing in Lily’s button box, working on 4-H projects, gardening with my talented mother, and watching over my grandma Avis’ shoulder as she embroidered. Even though these women have passed, I will continue to share their passion for working with their hands in my daily life and be forever grateful for the memories shared over needle and thread.

Panel measures 36 x 43.



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