These accessories are made for Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines.

  • The Channel Lock attaches to one front and one back wheel of machine to enable the machine to make a continuous straight horizontal line. A perfect way to get straight lines without using a ruler!
  • Easy-to-use set of two side clamps attached to a 6-foot bungee cord. Compatible with HQ Studio/Studio2 Frame, HQ Gallery/Gallery2 Frame, or HQ Fusion Frame, which have an opening in the sidearms designed to hold the cord. Clamps provide needed tension to the quilt. We recommend using at least two clamps, one on each side of the quilt for extra support.
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    Use the Ruler Base accessory to extend the base of the machine and provide stability when using rulers, guides, and templates. This ruler base is for use with the HQ Fusion quilting machine. This ruler base is 11″ wide by 12″ deep.
  • The Handi Batting Scissors are specifically designed to cut batting. They have a 5-inch straight-edge cutting blade, ergonomically designed handle for ease in cutting, and are precision-made from fine quality steel.
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    The Handi Feet Conversion kit provides everything necessary to convert an HQ Sweet Sixteen, HQ Avanté, or HQ Fusion to be able to use the interchangeable Handi Feet. Also included in the conversion kit are the Handi Closed-toe Foot and the Handi Open-toe Foot. Applicable to machines manufactured prior to Fall 2014, if your machine was made after that, it's not needed.
  • Keep rulers and templates under control with self adhesive gripper tape. It helps prevent the ruler from sliding around and can be used on any rulers, including  machine quilting rulers, templates or rotary cutting rulers. Cut to size and place where needed to provide stability. Pack of 10 strips.
  • Conveniently store and protect quilt batting while quilting. The Handi Hammock keeps batting off the floor and out from under your feet. Use the included hardware to permanently install your hammock on your Handi Quilter longarm frame. Compatible with 10-foot and 12-foot HQ quilting frames.
  • Brighten up your workspace with USB-powered, adhesive LED lighting. Works with HQ Fusion, HQ Avanté, HQ Simply Sixteen, and most HQ Sixteen machines (with USB-style ports on handlebars).
  • Brighten up your workspace with convenient, adhesive LED lighting. Works with all longarm or domestic machines. Includes plug in and clips to hold the cord in place. Light strip sticks the machine, wherever you need extra light.

  • The HQ Slice Template is curved on one side and a straight edge on the other. This template can be used to embellish your quilt with slice designs or use it for a perfect orange peel design. Manufactured by Handi Quilters #HG00420
  • This template set includes four nesting swag rulers: 4″ x 1.5” – 4″ x 3” – 4″ x 4.5” – 4″ x 6″. It also includes bonus circle and diamond cutout designs. Packaging includes instructions for use safety tips and design ideas. Made from .25-inch thick quality acrylic. Can be used on a longarm or a high-shank sewing machine.
  • The perfect Handi Quilter ruler to machine quilt geometric shapes and designs Manufactured by Handi Quilters HG00432