Successfully machine quilting swirl quilting designs doesn’t have to be difficult!
Welcome to the Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along, you can think of me, Angela Walters, as your personal free-motion quilting trainer! Through this 6 week challenge, you will not only learn some versatile swirl quilting designs, you will also learn how to use them in different ways on your quilts.

Click here to watch Week 1: We’ll go over the basic swirl design as well as the swirl hook meander. I’ll tell you my secret for making the swirl hook look great……it’ll definitely make a difference in your quilting.

Lesson 2: Concentric swirls- a bit of traveling will do the trick!

Lesson 3: Pebbles and Concentric swirl variations

Lesson 4: Elongated swirls- get ready to echo, echo, echo
Lesson 5: Echoed Pebbles-my new favorite filler!
Lesson 6: Swirls in Borders

This challenge is perfect for quilters of all skill levels! If you are new to machine quilting, no worries! That means you don’t have any bad habits, you’re way ahead of the rest of us!For the adventurous quilters, each lesson will have additional ways to use the designs…..sometimes in completely unexpected ways!

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