Oh my goodness!! I am so freaking excited to show you the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show! Thanks to your support (as well as getting your quilty friends involved), Craftsy has agreed to produce several more episodes, including this one!

The Wallflower quilt is designed by Janice Ryan and I just fell in love with it and the beautiful fabric.

the midnight quilt show wallflower quilt

But, before you watch the video, let’s talk about my favorite part, the quilting!

Quilting the Wallflower Quilt

wallflower quilt kit designed by janice ryan

When quilting this big, beautiful quilt, I used one of my favorite go-to quilting designs; continuous curve. This technique may look complex, but it is made up of a single basic shape; a curved line that goes from point to point.

I love it so much that I drew up a quilting diagram, you can get them for free by clicking here!

midnight quilt show free machine quilting diagram

If you decide to make a Wallflower quilt (or something similar) here are a few tips for machine quilting continuous curve lines.

Tips for Quilting Continuous Curves:

1. Don’t worry about the curves.

It may seem weird to say, but don’t worry about the curves. Instead, focus on getting your quilting to land at the correct point. If you are just learning, I promise that a consist curve will come with just a little practice.

2. Look ahead.

Instead of looking at the needle, look ahead. Quilting is just like driving. You don’t look at the front of your car, you look down the road. This will give you time to adjust and quilt smoother lines.

3. Take your time.

If you aren’t sure where to go, stop and use your finger to draw out the path. Your brain has an amazing short-term memory, use it to your advantage.

4. Don’t forget to travel.

If you get stuck, travel quilt along the seam to move to the next point. This will help prevent having to start a new line of quilting……honestly, I would do just about anything to avoid breaking thread. It’s a neurosis,  I can’t help it!

Making the Wallflower Quilt

Ok, ok….enough of the talky-talky….here is a link to the video.

Let me know what you think about the tutorial…….I love your input, it helps me make the next videos even better!!

Until the next episode….Happy Quilting!!