So have you ever made a mistake a quilt? Silly question, right? Of course you probably have……’s just a part of quilting.

But have you have made a big mistake when everyone was watching?  Or even when it was being recorded? I can say that I have….and to make it better (or worse) it happened on the latest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show……ugh.

tiled stars tiled stars

Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I am ok with not being a perfectionist. I am also more than ok with sharing my mistakes….it’s how we learn, right?

Well…..mistakes aside, it still a gorgeous quilt pattern with bright and bold colors. The quilt pattern is called Tiled Stars and the fabric used is the boundless solids.

Before you watch the episode (and my epic mistake), I want to talk a little bit about the quilting.

tiled stars quilt pattern midnight quilt show

Over most of the quilt, I machine quilted a wavy all-over design.

wavy machine quilting designs

I could say that I love the texture it provides for the quilt (which I do) or I could say that it adds movement to the quilt (which it does).

Truthfully, I decided to use this design for a much less artistic reason…..I can quilt it quickly. Hey, what can I say? Sometimes, you just need to get a quilt done fast.

But lest you think I am too lazy,  I decided to highlight a few of the blocks with some Dot to Dot quilting for a more “custom” look.

machine quilting with rulers

I don’t know if it’s cheating or not, but I used a ruler to help me get straight-ish lines with my free-motion quilting foot.

Machine Quilting with Rulers

Quilting with a ruler is actually much easier than you might think! But before you give it a try, there are a couple of things you will need.

1. A ruler foot

Before using rulers, you will need a ruler foot for your machine. The height will prevent the ruler from slipping over the top of your foot……which could result in a broken needle and possibly peeing your pants (or maybe that’s just me!).

ruler foot for free-motion quilting with ruler

Most sewing machine manufacturers maker ruler feet for their machines. Check with your dealer to see if your machine has a ruler foot available.

2. A ruler

Obviously, you are going to need a ruler……but the sheer amount of options available can be overwhelming. If you are new to using rulers for machine quilting, I would suggest starting with a basic straight ruler that is about the sized of your hand. (I personally suggest the versa tool or the mini scallop ruler)

Straight lines tend to be easier to quilt and the smaller size makes it easier to manage when quilting. Once you get more comfortable machine quilting with rulers, then you can experiment with other, larger rulers.

A Video Tutorial

If you want to see what this look like in action, I have a video tutorial that shows you how to quilt with rulers on a sit down machine. Click here to watch it.

And, as with the other episodes in the Midnight Quilt show, I have put together some free machine quilting diagrams that you can download.

midnight quilt show free quilting diagrams

Well, I can’t stall any longer……it’s time to see my mistake…..I mean “unintentional customization”. Here’s the video:

Happy Quilting! I’ll see you soon, with another episode of the Midnight Quilt Show!