The first episode of The Midnight Quilt Show aired last week and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the response.

the midnight quilt show

We didn’t have a whole lot of time to go into the quilting of the Variable Star Quilt, but there were many requests to see more! So I put together this post to discuss the quilting designs that I used on the Variable Star quilt .

Quilting in the blocks

Big Star Blocks

variable star quilt

Since these blocks are so big, there is plenty of room for the quilting. (Surely, I didn’t do that on purpose, did I?) For the big star blocks, I combined dot-to-dot straight line quilting with some feathers. I just love how it gives them just a bit of movement.

Want to try it on your quilt? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

Quilting the Big Star Blocks

1. Starting in the outermost point, quilt a line that stops about 1/2” inside the side corner of the diamond. Continue to the bottom point of the diamond, then echo the line you just quilted ending on the starting point.

straight line machine quilting

2. Quilt a third line ending at the bottom of the star.

dot to dot machine quilting

3. Fill in the remaining space with a curvy quilting design, ending at the top point of the diamond.

machine quilting feathers

I quilted half of a feather in the space, but any kind of curvy design will add a nice contrast to the quilting. You could try swirls or even a wishbone.

4. Travel along the sides of the star to get to the next point of the start.

quilting in the ditch

Try not to let the traveling scare you! This allows you to easily move from point to point with starting a new line of quilting.

5. Repeat in the next point of the star.

machine quilting star quilt

6. Continue until all parts of the star are quilted!

Small Star Blocks

Since the smaller star blocks are so much more…..well…..smaller, there wasn’t as much room for the same design. In the end, I decided to keep it nice and basic with some straight line quilting in each of the points.

machine quilting in star blocks

If you start in the center, you can quilt all the points of the star without starting a new line of quilting. I just love efficient quilting!!

Quilting in the Background

So here’s where I admit that I might have went a teeny tiny bit over-the-top with the quilting in the background. But in my defense, I just couldn’t help it! I was having way too much fun.

I love using the quilting to create secondary patterns and to pull the blocks together. But even though I like to quilt things to death doesn’t mean it’s the only way to quilt it. Pick a technique that you like and go for it!


I love the look of feathers on any quilt, but it looks especially nice when they wrap around the outside of the quilt.

quilting feathers designs

I also like how they look like they are going behind the blocks…..gosh, I am so easily amused!

Framing the center

I designed the quilt with a smaller star in the center, so I really wanted to highlight it.

center of quilt with quilting

The quilting in the gray squares between the big star blocks is meant to give the quilt a “medallion” kind of look.  I quilted some straight lines and curvy lines, it looks so ornate!

Your turn!

When it comes to picking out the quilting designs to use on a quilt, there are no wrong answers. Pick some designs that sound like fun and just get started!

Also, the second episode airs on December 14th, be sure to watch it and see what crazy antics I come up with. Until then, happy quilting!