“How Do I Quilt It?”

It’s the big question…….and it has stumped many a quilter, myself included!! You finish a quilt top only to have no idea what machine quilting designs you should use. It’s a question that I am asked often during my classes and trunk shows. So when I talked to Craftsy about filming another machine quilting class, I knew that it was a topic that I wanted to tackle. And now, the class is live on their website!

how to I quilt it craftsy class

When it was time to put together the class, I was a little overwhelmed. There are so many different ways to go about it. In the end, though, I decided to divide the class up into different types of quilts. In each segment, I talk about a different kind of quilt; sampler quilts, appliqué quilts and more. I give you tips on how to pick out quilting designs and show you some of my all-time favorite designs for quilting those kinds of quilts.

All in all, I couldn’t be more proud of the class!

craftsy class with angela walters

Getting a Little Help From My Friends.

So that I would have a variety of quilt samples for the class, I reached out to some of my customers and begged asked to use some of the quilts that I had quilted for them. I owe a huge thanks to Judy Niemeyer, Tula Pink, Julie Herman, Emily Cier, Heather Jones, Jenifer Dick and Natalie Barnes for loaning me their precious quilts!

judy neimeyer

Quilt by Judy Neimeyer

Quilt By Julie Herman

Quilt By Julie Herman

Quilt By Heather Jones

Quilt By Heather Jones

Wanna Give it a Try?

Think you might like to check it out? Now you can get any of my classes, even this brand new one, for 50% off. Just click on this link.

Craftsy classes

I can’t wait to see what projects everyone shares!! Happy Quilting!