I really hope that you aren’t tired of hearing all about the Midnight Quilt Show…..because I am having a blast making them. They are a lot of work but, man, do I have a lot of fun. I hope that joy comes through the episodes…..even if the patterns are a little challenging. Such as this week’s episode featuring the Frequency Quilt kit.

midnight quilt show

So, right now I am going through a phase where I want to improve my piecing….(don’t worry, I am sure it will pass.)

Normally, I think of the piecing as a way to get to the machine quilting. But I don’t want to be a “one trick” pony, so I’ve decided that it’s time to grow my skills. And nothing builds piecing skills quite like mastering Y seams….sometimes I really do make things hard on myself!

piecing y seams

But, in this episode I learn that they aren’t that hard to make, and I even share how I get my seams to lay nice and flat (Here’s a hint….it requires safety glasses).

Quilting the Frequency Quilt

As much as I feel like I have grown as a piecer, it’s definitely nice getting to the machine quilting. It really is the best part of making a quilt. Since there are so many borders in this quilt, I decided to go with the Wavy Wavy quilting design to add a beautiful texture to the quilt.

wavy line border quilting design


The Wavy Wavy design is featured in my book Shape by Shape Quilting and it’s so versatile.  It works in narrow and wide borders……borders of made of solid fabrics (such as the boundless solids in this quilt) or busy fabrics……it also works in blocks. I’m telling you, it’s an amazing design!

What makes this design so easy is that it consists of just a wavy line….and everyone can machine quilt a wavy line. Don’t think you can? Try quilting a wavy line and I bet that it will turn out wavy….(cue the canned laughter from your favorite sitcom)

Other ways to use the Wavy Wavy design

In the video, I show you how to quilt the Wavy Wavy design in borders. But once you learn how to quilt it, you can put it so many different areas.

In triangle-shaped blocks.

This is one of my favorite designs to use in triangle-shaped blocks. It works in triangles that are long and skinny, such as the triangles in Tula Pink’s Wayfinder Quilt Kit.

tula pink way finder quilt

But if you feel ambitious, you can quilt it in smaller triangles as well. In the same quilt, I used the Wavy Wavy design in the smaller setting triangles.

As long as the space is big enough to quilt a wavy line, then go for it!

Get Wavy Wavy in Square shaped blocks.

But it doesn’t have to just be triangle-shaped blocks, you can use in it square-shaped blocks as well.

quilting wavy lines in square quilt blocks

All you have to do is quilt two diagonal wavy lines and fill in the triangles with your wavy design……it really is all about the wavy line.

As a Filler Quilting Design

Ok, so here’s an extreme example of how you can use this design as a filler. It’s not necessarily harder, it just takes a little more time since it’s quilted on a smaller scale. But the result is sooooo worth the effort.

tula pink butterfly quilting

In this Butterfly quilt for Tula Pink, I quilted the Wavy Wavy design in between the piecing and the other quilting designs. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out, it looked amazing. But believe me, it took forever! Make sure that you really love the person that you’re quilting it for.

Free Quilting Diagrams

But no matter how you decide to quilt your Frequency quilt, don’t forget to get the free quilting diagrams!

Free quilting diagrams

The Episode

Ok, Ok….obviously, I get a little excited about the quilting but enough about that. Without further ado, here’s this week’s episode:


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Craftsy is also giving away the Yazzi crafter’s companion to one lucky winner. To be eligible, subscribe to their YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video. Good luck!!