free-mtion challenge quilting along

Successfully machine quilting swirl designs doesn’t have to be difficult!

Introduction to the Challenge

Welcome to the Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along, you can think of me, Angela Walters, as your personal free-motion quilting trainer! Through this 6 week challenge, you will not only learn some versatile swirl quilting designs, you will also learn how to use them in different ways on your quilts.

Before You Start

All that you need is your sewing machine or longarm, a quilt sandwich to practice on and a free-motion quilting foot. But here are a few supplies that I find helpful when machine quilting this technique:

Week 1: Basic Swirl Meander

Week 1 introduces us the Basic Swirl Meander, then adds a little “twist” with the Swirl Hook Meander. In this video, you’ll:

  • Learn how to quilt both of the designs.
  • See how to easy it is to quilt around areas.
  • Troubleshoot common swirl frustrations.

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Week 2: Concentric Swirls

This week’s challenge incorporates a little traveling to create an intricate looking swirl that’s going to really show off what you put it by.

  • See how 3 easy steps can lead to a beautiful, complex looking quilting design.
  • Demystify common swirl frustrations.
  • Learn just where to use this design on your quilts Plus you’ll master some fun variations of this design!

Week 3: Pebbles and Concentric Swirl Variations

This week’s challenge keeps building off of what we’ve learned so far. We are going to learn how to quilt pebbles and how to use them to show off areas of our quilt. This week, you’ll:

  • Learn how to quilt the Pebbles quilting design.
  • How to avoid common quilting mistakes.
  • See how easy it is to combine with other designs, such as swirls

Week 4: Elongated Swirls

Swirls aren’t just for backgrounds! Turn them into an elegant border design, just by adding more echo lines. In this week’s challenge, you’ll:

  • Learn how to quilt the elongated swirl as an allover design.
  • Discover how to turn the basic shape into a spectacular border design.
  • See it quilted on a sewing machine AND a longarm.

Week 5: Echoed Pebbles- My New Favorite Filler!

Add a POP of beautiful texture with this week’s challenge! We are incorporating traveling, echoing and pebbles….all in one beautiful design!

  • Learn how to quilt the design
  • Be inspired to use it in several different areas on your quilt
  • See it quilted on a sewing machine AND a longarm.

Week 6: Echoed Pebbles Border Design

The last video of this challenge will teach you how to be intentional with the design placement to create a gorgeous border design.

  • Learn how to quilt the design
  • See quilty inspiration with the design quilted on other quilts.
  • See it quilted on a sewing machine AND a longarm.