Layered Machine Quilting Free-motion Challenge

Let’s take the stress out of machine quilting and have some fun with a layered quilting technique. It’s fun, easy and allows you to really express your creative side. Let’s get started!

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Week 1: Intro to Layered Machine Quilting

Layered machine quilting, or reverse appliqué, isn’t my technique but it’s one that I use a lot! In this 4 video series, I will show you what you need for the technique, how to do it, as well as how to use it to create some amazing effects!

In this video, you’ll:

  • Find out why a spring loaded, dynamic free-motion quilting foot is ideal.
  • Learn how to pick out the perfect fabric for your quilted piece.
  • Get tips on how to make your quilt sandwich.

Week 2: How to Reverse Applique with Machine Quilting

Who would have thought that a pair of scissors is all you need to create a beautiful machine quilted piece of art

In this video, you’ll:

  • See how to place your designs so that you can cut them apart.
  • Watch the technique demonstrated on a longarm and sewing machine.
  • Learn how to fix “accidental” cuts and see it all come together.

Week 3: More Layered Machine Quilting Techniques

The steps to a beautifully quilted piece is as easy as quilt, cut, quilt, cut, quilt and repeat. In this week’s challenge, you will continue working on the layered machine quilting technique.

In this video, you’ll:

  • Learn how to take the technique learned in an earlier video and apply it in different ways on your quilt.
  • Watch the technique demonstrated on a longarm and sewing machine
  • See even more color options

Bonus Video: Quilting a Dream Big Panel with the Layered Quilting Technique

What happens when you combine a Dream Big flower panel and a layered quilting technique?? Pure awesomeness!

In this video, I’ll give you a peek into my quilting process as I quilt a Dream panel. You’ll also :

  • See how easy it to create the layered effect
  • Learn different ways to go about quilting your quilt
  • Watch as I work my way through the quilt.

Week 4: Combining Fabric Collage and Layered Quilting

What do you get when you combine fabric collage with layered quilting? Pure awesomeness!

In this video, you’ll:

  • See how to add even more detail to your quilt with fabric collage.
  • Watch the technique demonstrated on a longarm and sewing machine.
  • Get inspired with 4 different examples of this technique.

Bonus: What to do with your layered quilts.