Ready for a confession?? I hate paper piecing…..well, at least I did until recently. When brainstorming quilt patterns for episodes of the midnight quilt show, I decided that I should get over my long-standing fear. So I set out to design a free paper pieced quilt pattern….crazy, right?

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When designing the Scrappy Stars quilt, I wanted to make sure the pattern was easy and repetitive. It’s not about making a complex block, just a fun way to get more comfortable with the paper piecing process. Even if the thought of making paper piecing makes you queasy, this pattern is one that you should try.

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To make it even better, it’s a free pattern as well as the subject of the latest episode on The Midnight Quilt Show.

Before you get started, here are some tips to make the paper piecing quilting process less stressful:

Tips for Paper Piecing:

1. Shorten your stitch length

Shorter stitches will perforate the paper more and make the paper easier to rip out when finished. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but when ripping out a whole quilt’s worth of paper.

2. Thinner paper is better.

Printing the patterns on printer paper may seem easier and cheaper, but it’s not fun when it comes to ripping it out. (I know this from first-hand experience!) You can use foundation paper, or even tracing paper from the store. As long as it’s thin and will run through your printer, it should work.

3. Check the printout.

Before you start piecing, take a moment and measure the printout. Make sure the size matches the what the pattern calls for. Trust me, it’s no fun to piece all the blocks and realize that they aren’t the correct size.

4. Use a hot, dry iron.

Steam or spray starch will distort the paper and that’s no fun! I loved using the travel Steamfast iron, but any iron will work.

5. Take your time.

The first couple tries at paper piecing may result in some…..ahem….unexpected results. Don’t get frustrated. (again, I know this from first-hand experience) Since this pattern uses the same block repeatedly, once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth sailing!

So, if you are ready to give it a try (or even if you just want to have a couple laughs) download the free pattern (which also includes machine quilting diagrams) and check out the newest episode of The Midnight Quilt Show:


I am so excited about the newest episodes of the Midnight Quilt Show and I want to celebrate! So one lucky winner will win this beautiful bundle of 20 Boundless Batik Fat Quarters, the same fabrics that I used in the Scrappy Stars quilt. Leave a comment on this blog post and I will email a lucky winner next Wednesday.

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You get bonus points if you leave a comment on the YouTube video…. I can’t help it, I love reading the comments.

Happy Quilting!