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Join Me for a Brand New Video Series

Are you ready for a new free-motion challenge? Join me for a brand new FREE video series, Echoes & Curves. During the series, we will be learning two contrasting designs and how to use them to show off different parts of your quilts. I will demystify the Serpentine lines design and show you how to use them to fill irregularly shaped areas, create motifs, as a background filler and more! I’ll show you how to use echoing to emphasize different sides of blocks, make bigger areas more manageable, and how to create secondary patterns with the quilting!

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Watch the Challenge Videos:

Week 1: Quilting the Serpentine Line Design

We are kicking off the Echoes and Curves Free-motion Challenge with a versatile design that is perfect for thinner borders, sashings and even irregularly shaped blocks.

In this video, you’ll:

  • See how to quilt the serpentine line design.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common serpentine line frustrations.
  • Watch as I demo the design on a sewing machine and a longarm.

Week 2: Serpentine Line Variations

Learn how to create fun variations of the serpentine line design, plus I’ll show you how to turn corners with this design. 

In this week’s video challenge, you’ll:

  • Learn several variations of the serpentine lines
  • See how to turn the corner with this design
  • Watch as I demo the design on a sewing machine and a longarm.

More Week 2 Resources:

Extended Version


Watch a longer version of the challenge video with more quilting!

Live Check-in


Join me for a live Check-in and Q&A on Monday April, 20th at 3pm central.

Week 3: The Plume Feather

We are going to leave borders and sashing behind and use serpentine lines to create a beautiful Plume Feather motif.

In this week’s video challenge, you’ll:

  • Learn how to quilt the Plume feather
  •  See how to fill in irregularly shaped areas with serpentine lines
  •  Use echoing to make bigger areas more manageable
  • See it demonstrated on a sewing machine and a longarm.

Week 4: Echo Quilting

In this week’s video tutorial for the Free-motion Challenge Quilting Along, I am going to show you how to use echo quilting to highlight different portions of your quilt. In this video:

  • You’ll get tips on how to be successful with echo quilting.
  • Learn how to combine it with curvy lines for some cool effects.
  • See ruler quilting demonstrated on a sewing machine and a longarm.

More Resources

Live Chat and Q&A

Join me May 4th for a live chat while I check in to see how you are doing with the challenge. Click here to set a reminder.

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Week 5: Allover Serpentine Lines

In this week’s challenge we are leaving the blocks behind and will be quilting Serpentine lines in the background of our quilt. Using Serpentine lines as an allover filler may seems a little far-fetched, but the truth is that it gives your quilt a gorgeous texture and helps you manage large areas.

In this video tutorial, you’ll:

  • Learn how to combine the serpentine lines design with wavy lines to create an allover filler.
  • See how to use the design to highlight areas of your quilt
  • Watch it demonstrated on a longarm and a sewing machine.

Week 6: Machine Quilting Echoes & Curves

Last week, when we worked on the allover serpentine line design, we did just what the name implied, we quilted it allover the quilt without taking the piecing into consideration….unless it was a piece we wanted to highlight. But this week, we are going to be using the piecing as our guide to create echoes and curves.

More Resources

Live Chat and Q&A

I’m checking in to see how you’re progressing with the challenge.

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Week 6: Bonus Borders Video

In this week’s bonus video, I’ll give you tips for quilting the optional borders for your Echoes & Curves Free-motion Challenge Panel

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