As much as I like to get on my blog and share what I am doing….I often get stumped when it is time to decide how to quilt a quilt. But usually, I can work through it and eventually come up with something. But this time, I am drawing a blank, a goose egg….a big fat zero!  So for this week’s installment of Deciding What to Quilt, I am turning the tables and asking you for your opinion!

How should I quilt this:

Cog + Wheel Pattern by: Denyse Schmidt

I tried to take a picture of the actual quilt, but the light is fading….so the pattern cover will have to do! I don’t want the quilting to be too swirly, I don’t want it to be only straight lines and I don’t want to quilt it like the pattern cover……so what do you think?

Just for giving me a suggestion, even if it is to say that you have no idea how you would quilt it, you will be entered in a drawing for 1 yard of Stockholm fabric designed by Robin Zingone, courtesy of Robert Kaufman fabrics!

I know, I know…I am shameless for hitting you all up for some ideas….but I am stumped!! And desperate times call for desperate measures!!

On a completely different side note, I love writing this blog and sharing quilting designs and tips. If you are inspired by something you have seen on here, please share the love! I came across a blog post by Teresa about a Love quilt that she quilted. She liked how I quilted the original one, so she quilted it the same and kindly linked to me. It really made my day! First, it lets me see that I am not just rambling to myself out here in cyberspace, it also helps me out by helping my blog reach more people. I am not saying that you have to, which is why I don’t even bother putting a copyright notice on my sidebar, but it sure would be appreciated if you did!!

Happy Quilting!