Same Quilt Pattern, Two Quilting Techniques

I love quilting for pattern designers, usually that means that I get the opportunity to quilt the same pattern more than once. It's always fun to see how many different ways I can come up with. Today's example is Disco, designed [...]

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Just Have Fun!

Have I mentioned before that I think quilting should be fun?? Oh yeah, I have probably said it a million times! But as I put together today's blog post, I am reminded of it again. Here's the deal, I am not [...]

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Whale Tails

Sometimes, I quilt a quilt with a design that ends up looking a little different then what I envisioned. I quilted this quilt for my friends at Robert Kaufman for Quilt Market. But when I finished, all I saw were whale [...]

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Melody’s Quilt

Happy New Year! I hope that the holiday season was happy and bright for you! I feel like a slacker since I haven't been blogging as much......maybe I will make my that my New Year's resolution! Anyways, today's quilt is Melody's [...]

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