Midnight Quilt Show Returns

Finally….after weeks of waiting, a new season of the Midnight Quilt Show is here! This week’s episode includes a bunch of laughs (I hope), a free quilt pattern and quilting diagrams…..keep reading to find out more.

midnight quilt show free quilt pattern

Carpenter’s Square

This episode features an easy quilt pattern that most quilters know and love, the Carpenter’s Square.

But what makes this quilt especially fun is the fabric placement. Instead of just 2 or 3 colors, this quilt is a bouquet of fun floral prints. It gives the quilt a cheery, scrappy feel!

About the quilting:

As much as I love piecing quilt tops……..you know I really, really love quilting them. In my opinion, a quick and easy-to-piece quilt pattern just helps me get to the quilting quicker.

Picking out the quilting designs wasn’t difficult at all. The bright and cheery fabric used in this quilt gave me the perfect inspiration…..flowers!

flower meander quilting design on a carpenters star

The flower meander not only has a beautiful texture, it’s also a design that looks great on all types of quilts. As an added bonus, it’s also really easy to quilt once you get the hang of it!

I quilted it in the outer background areas. One thing I love about it is that it not only looks great, it doesn’t draw attention away from the center of the quilt.

flower meander quilting design on star quilt

In an earlier blog post, I shared a quilting tutorial on how to quilt the flower meander. So if you need a refresher, you can check out this video.

flower meander video tutorial

But that’s not all! As with previous episodes of the Midnight Quilt Show, I put together some free machine quilting diagrams. They give you a couple different options for quilting your  Carpenter’s Star quilt.

free quilt pattern with quilting diagrams

Inside the Stars

The center of the quilt is where I wanted the quilting to shine….well, at least as much as it can on this beautiful fabric.

Echoing the quilt blocks is always  an easy to highlight the piecing, but for this quilt I  didn’t want to do just any ‘ol echoing.

Instead, I used the Dot to Dot Quilting technique to echo the sides of the diamonds, then filled them in with serpentine lines.

Serpentine lines are also the perfect filler, allowing you to quickly fill in the area, moving from one point to the opposite side. Truthfully, they can be a little tricky to quilt. But once you get the hang of the rhythm of quilting them, you will love them as much as I do.

But if you are having trouble getting the hang of them, no worries! They are also included in the quilting diagrams, try drawing over them for more practice.

Ok, enough about the quilting…..you are probably wanting to get to the video. Without any further ado, here’s the episode:


Turns out that Craftsy is having quite the giveaway to celebrate the new episode. Just check out the description box in the video to learn how to win! Good luck!!