A Quilty Confession

It’s the most wonderful time of the week…….Wednesday! This day signifies that we are halfway to the weekend and that it’s time for the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show.

midnight quilt show angela walters

But first, I want to tell you a quick story……

Once upon a time a new quilter was excited to start her second quilt. This quilt was going to be a special gift for someone important. Even though she was a new quilter, she wasn’t daunted by the fact the pattern was a Lamoyne Star with Y seams…..she figured it couldn’t be that hard…..

lemoyne star quilt pattern hand quilting
It took her forever, but with a lot of help from her Grandpa and with just a little bit of cursing, she finished the quilt top. She even hand quilted it with help from her husband.

lemoyne star with hand quilting

When she finished the binding and admired the special quilt…..she was hit by a pang of sadness at the thought of giving it away.

lemoyne star quilt pattern hand quilting
In a moment of weakness, she decided to keep the quilt.  She rationalized it by thinking that since the intended recipient wasn’t a quilter, they might not be able to take proper care of it. So, to this very day, over 15 years later, she still has the quilt.

The horrible part isn’t the fact that I am the quilter in this story……(surely you already guessed that)…the intended recipient was…….gulp….. my mom. *hanging my head in shame*

I know, I know….it sounds so horrible when I write it out like that. I am a little ashamed at the fact that I thought my mom might not be able to take care of a quilt when she obviously kept me alive for so many years.

By the way, my mom makes an unplanned, special appearance in this video.

angela walters machine quilting youtube videos

Watch for her around 2 minutes in…..she really does have to put up with a lot with me………

Before you think me a completely selfish daughter, I did end up making her another quilt for her bed. (It took 10 years….but who’s counting?)

But to truly atone for my guilt, I decided to make my mom the Blooming Medallion quilt, which just so happens to be in this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show.

blooming medallion quilt

When I saw the kit on Craftsy, I knew that this would the perfect quilt for my mom. It’s practically the same colors as the original quilt! It had to be a sign that it was meant for her.Besides, is there a more classic quilting color combo than blue and yellow? I think not!

(The fabric is called Dutch Gardens and is available on Craftsy.)

But this episode of The Midnight Quilt Show isn’t just about me being a bad daughter…I also give tips for machine quilting multiple borders.

Machine Quilting Borders….UGH!

Since I am sharing my quilting confessions, I might as well keep on going….I hate machine quilting borders. So the fact that I made a medallion quilt is so hilarious…..in an ironic quilting kind of way. This quilt pattern is border….after border…..after border……

But just because I dislike quilting borders, that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun coming up with a bunch of different border designs.

machine quilting borders

The main think I do is that I work on multiple borders in sections, instead of doing them one at a time. It not only keeps me from getting bored, it’s a much more efficient way to work my way around the quilt.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. I not only demonstrate it in this episode, I also included it in the free quilting diagrams that you can get on Craftsy.

free machine quilting diagrams

Ok, without further ado…..here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it!

Your Turn

What about you? Do you have any quilting confessions you want to share? Surely I am not the only one!!! Leave them in the comments below, I can’t wait to read them.